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Olive Spain - Best olive oil in Spain

Olive Spain– The original olive tree was wild. This perennial tree has strong vitality and can even bloom and bear fruit on a very poor land. At present, although the olive tree culture has influenced and described a part of the entire Western civilization, However, due to geographical relations, most of its production areas are concentrated in the countries along the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean climate is very suitable for its growth. Abundant sunshine, hot summers, and warm and rainy winters are the most advantageous natural conditions for the growth of olive trees. These countries are Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Syria, Israel, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and so on. Similar to their climate, there are also Agenqian, Peru, South Africa and so on in the southern latitudes. These places experienced historical evolution, cities turned into ruins, territories changed, and legends of heroes and gods continued to appear. However, the methods of planting have hardly changed since then until the current modern orchard production.

Olive Spain - Best olive oil in Spain
Olive Spain – Best olive oil in Spain


Although olive trees have strong adaptability, modern orchards will choose more fertile land for planting, which is more conducive to growth, reduces costs, and achieves the greatest economic benefits. Differences in soil, climate, planting techniques, varieties and types make olive oil have different varieties, and the olive oil can be harvested twice a year at most. When the fruit turns yellow from green, it also indicates that the fruit is ripe. The most important technique is to choose branches. Pruning is to get better quality olives. Coordinated precipitation, irrigation methods, and environmental climate are all factors to be considered when choosing pruning techniques. It is generally done by skilled fruit farmers during the harvest season. The different picking methods will even affect the quality of olive oil. The highest quality olives are picked by hand, but most of them are harvested by machinery. This machinery uses a kind of vibrating rod to “sweep” on the olive tree. Shake down the fruit and use a machine to inhale at the same time to save labor, and finally clean it with a cleaning machine. In the same orchard, the ripening time of the olive tree fruit is sometimes inconsistent, so this picking method is repeated many times during the harvest season until the maximum yield is obtained. The olive Spain ensure 100% quality oil.

You have probably heard that olive oil is extremely good for you, and not only great-tasting, but rich with nutrients. Do you REALLY know why or which ones? And do you know how to distinguish the good from the bad?

Olive Spain

True Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the only kind of olive oil you should be consuming. That is, if you care about your health! Olive oil ranges from ‘extra virgin’ all the way down to ‘pomace’ oil, which is overly refined olive oil with minimal, if any nutritional qualities. It should really only be used in your oil lamp! Virgin Olive oil is also somewhat refined too, and is not as nutritious as extra virgin olive oil.
So now, we are somewhere. We have narrowed it down to extra virgin olive oil. There is so much fraud in the olive oil industry that it is hard to be certain when reading product labels to know if you are actually reading the truth. Most of the time, the “extra virgin olive oil” you are ingesting is actually a lower grade of olive oil, or a mix of olive oil blended with another type of oil. There have been numerous cases of fraud by adding sunflower oil and/or hazelnut oil to olive oil. Up to an astonishing 30% is undetectable to the palate! It has also been reported that a certain company was caught coloring their oil with banana peels to emulate the greenish look of olive oil and selling it as such. Unfortunately, companies such as these only get a minimal fine and a slap on the wrist. Shortly after, they are at it again. In the end, it is very difficult to track a product that is produced in one country and sold in another. This increases the odds of tampering with the finished product. But Olive Spain providing 100% quality olive oil in Spain.

Olive Spain
Olive Spain 

It is a fact that extra virgin olive oil accounts for less than 10% of oil in many producing countries….so it doesn’t take a genius to know that most of what you are buying at the grocery store those are not really extra virgin! These days, anyone can print a label that says anything on it.

Olive Spain – The best quality of the Andalusian olive oil in Spain. Contact us for your custom budget Hight quality olive oil in Spain.

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Olive Spain

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